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Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem Driver

On this page you can download driver for personal computer, Acer Aspire iDea RC0. Select a device from the list for which you need the driver. You can. Acer Aspire iDea - DTS - Core 2 Duo T GHz - 1 GB - GB overview and full product specs on g: Modem. Acer Aspire iDea Scart I/O Board P; Acer TravelMate Modem Board Cable T60M · HP Compaq nx Modem Cover

Driver for Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem

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Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem Driver

That's why the Acer Aspire iDea is so appealing.

Drivers Update: Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem

It still has all the benefits of a PC and it can be used like a PC, but it looks and feels like a set-top box, so it's perfect for the lounge-room. Simply put, if you're after a media centre PC that looks better in an entertainment unit next to a TV than on a computer table next to a mouse and Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem monitor, this is a great choice. In a black chassis with silver trimmings, the Acer Aspire iDea looks chic, and uses a set-top box, or DVD player-style form-factor.

At the front and rear, it's oozing with ports, covering just about every port imaginable. It also performed reasonably well in our benchmark tests. The system The system is built using notebook technology, as this helps maintain a low heat level and subsequently lowers the noise level, which is a key feature for any good media centre. Installed are an Intel Core 2 Duo T 1. When we say the unit is "oozing with ports", we are referring to the following: There are also a couple of IR blaster ports that can be used to extended the remote control's access in case Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem iDea is placed inside Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem cupboard out of a remote control's line-of-site, for example.

All of those ports are just on the rear panel. On the front you'll find another set of composite AV inputs and an S-Video port, two more USB ports and a set of 63mm plugs for headphones and a microphone. It's a lot to take in, but that's a good Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem.

Acer Aspire iDea Review: - Home Entertainment - Media Centres - PC World Australia

All of this means that just about any TV, monitor, handy-cam or digital camera, VCR or gaming console, will be able to connect to this device, as well as many other consumer-electronics device. It means that you can Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem this device to your cable or satellite TV box, listen to FM radio on it, or download TV episodes and movies from the Internet. The supplied keyboard with a built-in touchpad instead of a mouse will also allow you to comfortably surf Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem Internet.

The iDea can be easily connected to the Internet via a wireless router or an Ethernet connection to a modem.

Acer Aspire iDea 510 - Core 2 Duo T5500 - Monitor : none. Series

Setup Setting up the Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem is reasonably easy. Some initial speed-bumps caused us a few problems, but this is to be expected with any computer, or audio system for that matter. The iDea defaulted to using the HDMI output, which was a good start, since this is the best possible connection for audio and video quality on a TV, if it's available.

Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem Driver Download

The system comes with some default resolution shortcuts, which are meant to adjust the resolution instantly. However, these didn't work on our test TV which has a native resolution of x and we set the screen's resolution up manually.

Acer Aspire iDea - DTS - Core 2 Duo T GHz - 1 GB - GB Overview - CNET

Once this was set we were ready to roll. We also Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem using the Component analogue high-definitioncomposite and DVI outputs. We were able to get a signal on the TV, but we couldn't get the graphics card to output the correct resolution for our TV using this connection, which resulted in a poor, unwatchable image on our test TV.

We tested the system using Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem composite connection, too, but a composite output only offers a low quality image and we don't recommend using it for a large TV such as the GLCDHD. However, it would probably be fine on a smaller, standard-definition TV.

Unlike the TV, the monitor has no speakers, so we simply connected some PC speakers to the 3. Test results We ran a number of tests on the Acer Aspire iDea First was our benchmark software, WorldBench 6, which gauges the system's ability to run certain commonly used applications and tasks under the Windows Vista environment.

Acer Aspire iDea 510

In this test the iDea scored a total of This is a reasonable score, which suggests that the iDea can handle a good deal of multi-tasking, as well as standard office applications and a little photo or movie editing. The TV-tuner works well. It's a dual digital TV tuner, meaning you can record one station while watching another, while the time-shifting feature allows you to pause live TV. The TV signal Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem clear and the audio synchronised with the video without any issues throughout our tests.

Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem Driver (2019)

A remote control allows easy navigation of the Windows Vista Home Premium media centre software and for channel-surfing live TV. The unit also comes with a free subscription to IceGuide, an online TV guide that makes it easy to record and view scheduled programs, for one year.

Although we use WAV files stored on the hard drive, this test gives an indication of how fast the media centre's CPU can compress music files so that they can Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem more efficiently stored on the hard drive and accessed any time. This test took the iDea seconds. This isn't very speedy, and it will take slightly longer when the files are encoded directly from a CD, but it's acceptable, as long as your CD Acer Aspire iDEA 510 Modem isn't too large.

We also did a hard drive speed test. This test involves 4. It took the Acer Aspire iDea seconds to complete this task, which is about Again this is not a very speedy result. The speed of a hard drive can affect the time it takes to transfer files or even load programs.

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