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Leica's M cameras are often praised for their compact size and discreet operations, but the new MP takes those things even further. A new. Leica has a long history when it comes to cameras and we found the top 9 best rated Leica M Cameras that every photographer should own. Hold an M camera to discover why there is nothing like a Leica.

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Leica M (Typ ) Digital Rangefinder Camera (Black) B&H

The M3, M2, M1 share a slow film rewind knob. The new Leica MP Leica M Camera lever attachment is very well made, the most expensive, but unfortunately not well designed. Modestly I can say I think it's the best one out there. Some dedicated Leica nuts are just sure their Leica will be better if it has another finder in it. Upgrading the M2 finder to the.

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I have also heard of some Leica M Camera paying the extra dough to have a M4 finder in the M3. It can be done, but it's a custom job and expensive.

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Cure the problem with tape or a rubberized cutout, or M donuts. Be very careful about mounting the meter. I remember one mint M2.

The owner couldn't remember how to take off the meter. Unfortunately I witnessed the event. It made me sick. I had to shoot Nikons for a week to get over it.

Leica M (camera)

The VC II is to my mind far and away the best meter ever for meterless Leica rangefinders, of any vintage. Tom Abrahamsson of Rapidwinder. They are difficult to find, but well worth looking for -- much less expensive as Leica M Camera as more reliable than the original MP Leicavit.

The M3 uses a different advance system, though if you are willing to throw enough money at it, I have seen a M3 adapted by an independent repair man to take the MP Leicavit or Rapidwinder. Likewise, if you Leica M Camera fanatic enough and can find the Leica M Camera who will tolerate your fantasies, either can be adapted to the M6 winder if your pockets are deep enough. M2 The M2 is a modified single stroke M3. Unlike the M3's automatic film counter, the M3 has a manual film counter rotating around the shutter release.

M2's have the frameline preview lever. At a quick glance, the M3 and M2 can easily be mistaken for each other. Starting with the M2, the frameline illumination window had fresnel cover to it to gather more light. Unlike the M3, the M2 has no raised borders around the viewfinder windows.

Leica M Camera Driver Windows 7

Unfortunately, this feature was not continued with later M's. Though promoted at the time as the M3's less expensive little brother, the M2 has an elegance all its own. Comments about Leica M Camera M3's sync posts and loading also apply to the M2. Made primarily in chrome, black M2's are rare.

The M2 and M3 lack hot shoes and affordable motors, if that is your need. M4 A Leica M Camera of people, myself included, consider the M4 to be the last classic standard production M. The M4 finder was basically a M2 finder, with the paired with 35 frame. Only 58, M4's were made, compared toM3's and 83, M2's.

Leica M System - Leica Forum

This helps keep the M4 prices up. While made primarily in chrome, both black paint and black chrome versions were produced. Take a good look at the engraved top plate of the M4, a luxury sadly missing from standard production M's until Leica M Camera MP What's the use of buying an expensive camera if it doesn't have an expensive look about it? Don't under estimate the value of Leica as jewelry to the well heeled photog.

There is little Leica M Camera the enamel is much more beautiful when new.


Each finish shows wear very differently. I prefer the brassing of the black enamel to the discoloration of the black chrome -- but it's in the eye of the beholder.

The M5 is also noticeably larger than the other M's. Some love the M5's larger size, some hate it. I call it an "orphan Leica M Camera. Shutter speeds visible in the finder A very large and convenient shutter speed dial.

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