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Matrox G550 Dual DVI Driver

HelloI have the AGP Matrox G Dual DVI with the motherboard K7N2 Delta2 MSE v1.X OPERATING SYSTEM = Windows XP Home. Product: Matrox Millennium G Dual DVIManufacturer: Matrox Graphics s: Saint-Regis , QuebecCanada H9P. The Matrox G is a dual monitor AGP graphics card with 32MB of graphics memory and support for dual-RGB, TV output and DVI output. Features.

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Matrox G550 Dual DVI Driver

If you notice, the G has the latest implementation of Matrox's DualHead technology.

In the G incarnation, the DualHead technology is taken to the next step. The card supports dual display on a wide combination of output devices.

On the Matrox G550 Dual DVI tested, the card has a regular pin D-SUB connector and a seconday DVI connector and versions exist with dual DVI connectors for hooking up 2 digital flat panels or 2 digital monitors. The cable has two outputs.

Review: Matrox G - Graphics -

HeadCasting I'm in two minds about HeadCasting. For me, personally, the technology is useless and redundant.

However, for business users willing to invest in the technology, it does have benefits. HeadCasting is a technology supported by the G processor that animates a fully 3D, skinned, talking head.

Matrox G550 Low Profile PCI

You use a technology and software application called DigiMask. Created by the company of the same name, DigiMask software lets Matrox G550 Dual DVI create an accurate 3D model of a persons head using software bundled with the card. This DigiMask is then used by the HeadCasting engine on the chip in a variety of other software applications to bring the head to life.

Matrox G550 Dual DVI Drivers PC

The application functions like an instant messaging program but instead of text, you see the HeadCasting accelerated 3D head talking to you. You can select a range of prefabricated heads or import your own DigiMask.

Using speech recognition, the HeadCasting engine syncs the 3D head to your speech, giving the impression of authentic facial animations. The G makes use of its vertex and pallete skinning engine to support hardware skinning Matrox G550 Dual DVI vertex shading for supposedly phot realistic heads.

HeadFone is the application I can see businesses making most use of for site to site communcations. It requires a PC with a G accelerator at each and and the required audio hardware for speaking. The Matrox G550 Dual DVI transmits the HeadCasting data back and forth over the network and the HeadFone software animates the talking head at the other end using the HeadCasting engine on the G The next piece of software that just escapes being branded as having novelty value only is Matrox G550 Dual DVI Matrox Virtual Presenter for Microsoft Powerpoint.

The head is animated according to narrated audio. I can just about see the usefulness of this but I'd much rather sit and watch a live human being. By it's very nature, a single animated head can't convey the same range of emotion and information you get from watching a real person. Accompanied by the narrator maybe but if the narrator is present, what's the use for the HeadCast?

Matrox G550 Dual DVI

Again you can import your own DigiMask from the DigiMast software or use a prefab head. To conclude, HeadCasting, for me anyway has no use outside a business environment and wherever I've encountered a business incident where the technology could be employed, more established, effective means of communication are present. Video conferencing works fine and you get a more human interaction. For sure, HeadCasting is an interesting technology and Matrox G550 Dual DVI can applaud Matrox for taking the first steps to bring such a technology to the masses, it just doesn't have the features or 'realness' to work properly and I can't envision a good business fit.

Matrox G550 Dual DVI

Matrox Millennium G Dual Head 32mb DDR DVI VGA AGP Graphics Card G55 Mdha32db eBay

I'm maybe the wrong person to convey the benefits of HeadCasting and Hexus' primary focus isn't this type of card. The underlying hardware is a highly capable DVD playback solution and the software layered on top is excellent. DVDMax is part of the DualHead technology and allows full Matrox G550 Dual DVI, full speed digital video playback on the 2nd head.

Remembering that the 2nd head can be a digital output or a TV and you have an excellent video playback solution. Lets Matrox G550 Dual DVI a peek under the hood and see what hardware the card has 3D wise. If we think back quickly to the HeadCasting engine, you'll remember I mentioned the card did vertex shading and vertex manipulation in hardware.

While it's nothing like the full Vertex and Pixel Shader implementations in a GeForce3 or Radeon it does do some key operations. It has constant registers to allow it to do a full 32 matrix skin of a 3D mesh in hardware.

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It does Matrix Pallete Skinning part of the DX8 spec in hardware with up to 32 matrices and splits things up per vertex, per triangle or per draw, depending on what needs to Matrox G550 Dual DVI done. This lets the card do realistic facial animations and other operations which call upon the MPS functionality. Being a relatively new part, the card also has hardware support for the major D3D and OpenGL primitive formats and is a full bit renderer along the entire pipeline including bit multitexture and final bit colour output.

Driver: Matrox G550 Dual DVI

Basically the hardware supports a full triangle setup and acceleration engine and up to date rendering features just it's not as quick as any recent hardware as we'll find out. Before we take a look at the 3D performance using 3DMark Profession and Quake3, here's the test system.

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