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ROCCAT Ryos Driver

That is exactly how ROCCAT rolls. Developed for the serious gamer, the Ryos MK Glow is the best illuminated mechanical gaming keyboard on the market. The Ryos MK Pro is Roccat's first mechanical gaming keyboard, and this top-of-the-line model is packed with features. ROCCAT® Ryos MK Pro. Get your benefit and more by registering your ROCCAT product to your account. Register your product.


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ROCCAT Ryos Driver

ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Support

The design was atypical; it used angles, thicker sections around the keys in the frame, a microdot printing to offer shine as well as being somewhat finger proof at the same time, along with all the things like Thumbster buttons, ROCCAT Talk, and excellent software. The Ryos MK Pro took the mechanical keyboard to a whole new level.

While ROCCAT Ryos is a tad rich for some pockets, the ROCCAT Ryos schemes and the things that the keyboard could do would make you the envy of anyone ROCCAT Ryos sees it.

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Since most typists and gamers spend little time actually looking at the keys, or the keyboard will sit on the desk and not get much attention from the effects that are fun to watch, why pay for something you had no intention to use? For those that want lighting but not the full on package, they offer those ROCCAT Ryos the Ryos MK Glow. For the users that see no need at all for that lighting, we have that exact solution for you today.

The Ryos MK in the vanilla form that we have received is not some super stripped down version of either of the previous solutions. This time, the ROCCAT Ryos options have been removed from ROCCAT Ryos but the Lock lights and the Thumbster buttons in this design.


That does not mean that you cannot have a bit of color added, though, and ROCCAT took the steel plate that the switches and ROCCAT Ryos are mounted to and painted it to allow a fair bit of color to be added and easily seen through the spacing of the keycaps. We still get the full keyboard functionality of the original design along with the same software to take full control ROCCAT Ryos these keys or even take on functionality from the mouse.

Really anything you desire can be found within this design, other than, of course, the full LED backlighting that the rest of the Ryos MK series of keyboards has. The chart that ROCCAT has provided starts off with many of the key features of what makes the Ryos MK series of keyboards stand above the rest of the competition from a features and multi-functionality standpoint as well as being a very rugged device.

It offers N-Key Rollover and anti-ghosting support. And with no mention of its limitations, we ROCCAT Ryos record 10 keys at once, and without more fingers, ROCCAT Ryos test more?

The Ryos MK Pro has several features for the competitive gamer. First and ROCCAT Ryos, there are dozens of macro options. The keyboard itself features eight dedicated macro keys, five on the left-hand edge of the keyboard, numbered M1-M5, and three "thumbster buttons" T1-T3 located just below the ROCCAT Ryos. But you aren't limited to those eight keys for macro commands.

This sort of customization is a huge leap forward from the likes of the Editors' Choice Corsair Vengeance K90which features 18 ROCCAT Ryos keys. The keyboard connects through a USB Y-cable coming out of its backend.

ROCCAT Ryos Windows 8 X64

ROCCAT Ryos cable measures six feet long, and has braided sheathing to prevent tangles. The model also features pass-through connections for two USB 2. And then there's the lighting.

ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow Support

As ROCCAT Ryos above, the Ryos MK Pro features individually ROCCAT Ryos keys, but Roccat has opened up so many more options, with far more customization than just adjustable brightness. The individually lit keys can be set up with dozens of preset lighting modes, with options like illuminating specific keys for in-game controls, illuminating every key in a macro string when activated, and even using the entire keyboard as an extension of the game, flashing as a damage indicator, or lighting up from left to right ROCCAT Ryos a health gauge.

Our review unit came outfitted with Cherry MX Brown switches, but can also be configured with Red, Blue, and Black switches, depending upon your preferences.

Roccat ROCCAT Ryos the Ryos MK Pro with a standard one-year warranty. Performance In actual gameplay, the keyboard functioned flawlessly.

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