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Fire 14, BC — AD Technology is a major cultural determinant, no less important in shaping human lives than philosophy, religion, social organization, or political systems.

Seanix Sherbrooke Video the broadest sense, these forces are also aspects of technology. The French sociologist Jacques Ellul defined la technique as the totality of all rational methods in every field of human activity so that, for example, education, law, sports, propaganda, and the Seanix Sherbrooke Video sciences are all technologies in that sense. At the other end of the scale, common parlance limits the term's meaning to specific industrial arts.

The diffusion of technology in what is now Canada began with the arrival of the first humans about 14, BC.

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These people brought with them stone Seanix Sherbrooke Video bone tools. These took the form of arrowheadsaxesbladesscrappers, needles, harpoon heads and fishhooks used Seanix Sherbrooke Video to kill animals and fish for food and skins. They also brought fire which they used for heating their dwellings and for cooking which was done on open fires.

There were no clay pots or ovens. In the Seanix Sherbrooke Video the Innu used stick frames covered with animal skins for shelter during Seanix Sherbrooke Video summer months while during the harsh winter they built houses made of snow or igloos. On the plains native peoples used the well known teepee. This consisted of a number of poles arranged to form a conical structure which was in turn covered with animal skins. In central Canada the long house was popular.

This large structure was built from interwoven branches and could house 70 to 80 people. Several of these structures would be built together to form a village which was often surrounded by a palisade of logs stuck Seanix Sherbrooke Video into the ground as protection from hostile tribes. On the west Seanix Sherbrooke Video native peoples constructed dwellings made from heavy timber.

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These structures were built near the water's edge and were often decorated with elaborate and elegant carved images. Transportation techniques were simple. The aboriginal peoples did Seanix Sherbrooke Video have the wheel, horses or the sail.

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The paddle powered canoe was the most common means of transport and was especially practical during the summer, considering the large number of lakes and rivers that characterized the topography. The duggout was favoured in the waters off the west coast.

Summer travel also saw use of the travoisa simple type Seanix Sherbrooke Video sled that was pulled over the ground by a dog and used to transport a light load. In the winter snow shoes made walking in the deep snow practical.

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Winter transport in the Arctic made use Seanix Sherbrooke Video dog teams and in warmer summer months use of kayaks was common. Clothing was made of animal skins which were cut with stone and bone tools and sewn with bone needles and animal sinews. Native peoples did not have textiles. For the most part native peoples were hunters and gatherers, chasing large animals, and fishing for a source of protein.

Wild plants and fruits that also an important food source. A common, easily stored and readily transportable food was pemmicandried powdered Seanix Sherbrooke Video mixed with fat, berries and "vegetables". In central Canada there was limited agriculture which allowed the storage of some food during times of privation.

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Of note was the fact Seanix Sherbrooke Video they did not have the plough or draught animals. The first peoples had techniques for dealing with disease. Medicines included those made from high bush cranberries, oil of wintergreen and bloodroot, Seanix Sherbrooke Video others. A type of tea made from the bark of the spruce or hemlock could prevent or cure scurvy. The first peoples did not have a written language. Their extensive knowledge of the natural world and information relating to their customs and traditions was passed orally.

Weapons of war were made by hand from wood and stone.

Seanix Sherbrooke Video Driver

The long range weapon of these times was the Seanix Sherbrooke Video and arrow with an effective range of up to metres. Close in fighting was conducted with a range of simple Seanix Sherbrooke Video including: Because there was no knowledge of metalworking with the exception of some small items of jewelry made from copper, weapons such as swords and metal knives were not part of this early arsenal.

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Ships, symbolic language, and the wheel — The arrival of white explorers and colonists Seanix Sherbrooke Video the s introduced those technologies popular in Europe at the time, such as iron making, the wheel, writing, paper, printingbooks, newspapers, long range navigation, large ship constructionSeanix Sherbrooke Video and brick and mortar construction, surgery, firearmsnew crops, livestock, the knife fork and spoon, china plates and cups, weed, cotton and linen cloth, horses and livestock.

Shipbuilding and the Wheel The use of wind and water as sources of power were major developments in the technological history of the new colonies. Ships with large masts and huge canvas sails maintained the link between the colonies and the imperial centres, Paris, France until and London, England until the arrival of steam power in The ships in service were built not only in Europe but also in the colonies.

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