TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch Drivers for Windows 10

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TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch Driver

Basic Layer 3 features like static routing and RIP v1/v2 by default and abundant Layer 3 . 1 x TP-Link JetStream TGTQ - Switch - L2+ - Managed - 24 x. TP-LINK's TGTQ is an L2+ managed switch designed to build a highly It supports basic Layer3 features like static routing and RIP v1/v2 by default and. JetStream Port Gigabit Stackable L2+ Managed Switch - TGTQ PREHLED/OVERVIEW * Basic Layer3 features like static routing and RIP v1/v2 by.

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TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch Driver

Everything from there on out is wireless; at best they have an old desktop PC hard-wired into it. Let's just say that's not how I roll My home network is pretty big for a home LAN.

Lots of devices - most of which are wired - and lots of data sloshing around for various things. Every room has at least two ethernet drops, generally with 1 of them populated.

Netgear GSM7324S Switches

Most everything is at least fast ethernet though I do have something connected at 10mbit via an AUI adapter stillwith gigabit being pretty typical. It all terminates in my mechanical room where I have a server cabinet that's almost full. These aren't bad switches - fully managed, line rate gigabit, and most importantly passively cooled - but everytime I wanted to plug in something or light up a jack in a room that I hadn't been using before I TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch to find something to unplug.

So I was faced with a problem where I needed more ports.

TP-LINK T2700G-28TQ, JetStream 28-Port Gigabit Stackable L2+ Managed Switch

Another problem is that I could pretty easily saturate gigabit in a couple circumstances. I won't claim to have been doing this regularly, TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch it did happen - and well, you can see where this is going: The Solutions At first, I looked TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch getting at least another 24 ports of managed fast ethernet - but in when the search began I found that the market for quality fast ethernet just didn't make any sense.

Either it cost too much, or it TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch have the features that I wanted. So I started to look at new or used gigabit switches with at least 1 or 2 10gbe uplinks.

TP-Link TGTQ JetStream Port Gigabit Stackable L2+ Managed Switch

They're out there, but finding the right combination of things I cared about proved to be hard. I eventually settled on these requirements: At least 24 ports of gigabit, with a few ports TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch 10gbe available too. This would be going into my machine room, but it shares a wall with a room that we watch movies in, so it can't roar like it's in a datacenter.

This also implies it's not too bad on power. That all said, I'm not opposed to performing hardware mods as long as they're safe I looked and looked and couldn't find anything that really fit my TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch. I mulled it over a few days, and decided that I'd start watching eBay for deals.

TP-LINK TGTQ, JetStream Port Gigabit Stackable L2+ Managed Switch (TGTQ)

A few weeks later I got notified of a deal on such a switch with a Buy It Now option, and a few clicks later PayPal was facilitating the payment. The Experience I eagerly awaited the arrival, but was disappointed when it arrived.

To my pleasure though, when I notified the seller they simply refunded me my cash and told me to keep the switch. Apparently they didn't want to deal with it.

TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch Linux

I rewarded them with positive feedback. I'll note that this switch did come with two of the stacking modules AX populated but with nothing to plug them into.


TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch would I be happy with my free switch? Well, of course not - and when another deal on a switch even cheaper this time came by, I again jumped on it.

This time it was for the switch that I ordered. So I did what any rational network engineer would do: I pulled one of the stacking modules out of the v1 and put it into the v2 and linked TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch up for a high bandwidth uplink - only that didn't work.

At this point, I turned to Google to save me though, and it led me to the products documentation and manual, where I learned that these two switches, though sharing TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch same model name, are actually TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch different internally, and while I found hints that at one point they could be stacked, that it wasn't possible any longer due to the software diverging. It was pretty important to me to run the latest code possible for each of them, but the v1 hadn't had an update in a few years, having gone out of support much earlier.

TP-Link T2700G-28TQ V1 Switch Mac

The first thing I had done to both of them was update the firmware - so I knew that they were running different versions. But then I noticed in the manual that when configuring the stacking ports you could specify an alternative mode for them.

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